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Service Dog Etiquette for Your Business

Jan 17, 2018
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

Join Downtown Bellaire and Destination Bellaire as they host Kimberly Prud'homme of Dogs in Honor ( to learn how to recognize service dogs and the dos and don'ts of serving them and their handlers in your business.

Kim will discuss:
- how to recognize a working service dog
- rules of employees of public establishments concerning service dogs
- specifics for veterans w/service dogs ... what happens when questioned in public concerning their dogs
- ADA law and the responsibility of each business and their employees
- difference between working service dogs and therapy dogs
- any questions concerning service dogs and dogs in training , for any type of service work

This program is brought to you by the Bellaire Area Chamber of Commerce and the Bellaire Downtown Development Authority.

Wednesday, January 17, Noon to 1:00 PM, at Forest Home Township Offices.

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