Destination Bellaire

Glacial Hills


Welcome to Glacial Hills Pathway and Natural Area where 31.5 miles of hiking, mountain biking and winter sports trail await. 

Whether you are a novice wanting to try something new or an avid trail user, there is something for everyone at Glacial Hills!

Experience the Glacial Hills Pathway and Natural Area -discover why it is one of the Midwest's premier trail destinations!


The extreme ecological diversity found at the Glacial Hills Pathway and Natural Area speaks to its statewide significance. The property contains 12 distinct habitat types, including two hardwood forest types, three wetland habitats, and the shrub thicket and wet mesic forest types that support more than 20 species of trees, over 100 species of flowers, and over 100 species of birds, including great-horned owls, eagles and the threatened red-shoulder hawk.

The almost 800 acres of land that house the 31.5 miles of Glacial Hills trail span 3 governmental jurisdictions - Antrim County, Forest Home Township and the Village of Bellaire.  The three governments manage Glacial Hills through a committee with members appointed by each participant. 

It truly "takes a community to raise a trail" - constuction and maintenance of the trail has been led by hundreds of volunteers with additional help lent by the Americorps NCCC, Goodwill Greenscapes Crew, Traverse City Area Public Schools and the Northern Michigan Mountain Biking Association.  The Grand Traverse Regional Land Conservancy provided professional trail design services and raised funds for construction and infrastructure including signs.  Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this great project.

For more information on the Glacial Hills managing partners, please visit these links:

Antrim County

Forest Home Township

Village of Bellaire

Preserve Rules and Information

Glacial Hills Pathway & Natural Area works hard to balance property use and access with the protection of natural features, unique habitats, and scenic beauty. Our preserves are designed to handle less intense activities than lands managed by state and local units of government across northern Michigan with the preservation of the land and its natural features as our priority.

Permitted Activities

Each preserve is best suited for certain activities indicated by icons for each preserve. Please refer to the recommended activities icons for an appropriate and enjoyable user experience.

Hunting is allowed on designated preserves and all state and federal regulations must be followed. We recommend all visitors wear bright orange clothing during the fall deer hunting season (October-December).

We also welcome educational and recreational use of the preserves and ask our guests to be mindful they are visiting the homes of the plants and animals whose lives depend on the land’s protection and health. If you would like to lead a group hike on one of our preserves, please contact us to make sure that the date is open and there are no conflicting uses on the site.

If you choose to bring a dog to a preserve, it must be kept in your control at all times.

Please refrain from: camping, fires, dumping, littering, removing vegetation, using off-road vehicles, and snowmobiling.


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