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Yoga North

1401 N. M-88
Central Lake, MI 49622
Phone: 517-285-3522

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Yoga North was created to provide a place where people could unplug from their daily lives and find sanctuary through the practice of yoga. We want to teach people how the practice of yoga can promote healing and personal growth.


Inclusiveness – Everyone is always welcome. No one is too out of shape, old, or inflexible. These are reasons to practice.

Kindness – I care about all of our students, beginners and advanced practitioners alike. No one should be made to feel “less than “.  Ever.

Integrity – All of our business dealings will be honest and upfront. I will happily refund anyone who is not satisfied with their experience.

Passion – I am passionate about yoga because it positively changed my life for the better and I want that for others.

Safety – Proper alignment and individual well being are a top priority. Modifications are offered as needed. No Yogi left behind!

Professionalism – This means competency, consistency, honesty, and a continual striving to improve.

Fun – Smile, dance, and be happy!

Special thanks to Philip Christodoulou and all my teachers.

I owe a debt that I can only hope to pay by sharing what has been so generously shared with me.



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