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29th Annual Rubber Ducky Festival

August 20, 2016 -
Rubber Ducky Main Festival & Race

“DUCK” into BELLAIRE…let the “QUACKIN” begin..The Bellaire Chamber of Commerce is pleased to present the 29th ANNUAL RUBBER DUCKY FESTIVAL

This year’s festival is part of Bellaire’s 12 Days of Summer Celebration August 17 – August 21, 2016 with the highlight of the festivities being the Rubber Ducky Festival – including a quarter-mile race on August 20th – when 2000 yellow ducks are dumped into the Intermediate River with the Ducks stopping at RIVERSIDE MARINA, the finish line! 

Join us for Music Downtown, Children’s Activities, Sidewalk Sales, Duckling Park with games & large inflatables, Movies, Parades, Arts & Crafts and much more!!!

Spectators buy a number for $5 that corresponds to the number on a Rubber Duck…If your duck finishes in the top 27 places here is what you win..Prizes:  1st  $500; 2nd  $300; 3rd $100; 4th-7th place $50; 8th-27th place $10.  Do not have to be present to win. 

See below for a full schedule of events or call Bellaire Chamber of Commerce at 231-533-6023.

2016 Rubber Ducky Race Winners

Photo by Kaye LaFond

29TH Annual Rubber Ducky Festival Race Winners

1st Place  #1460 - $500 – Sam Cowen

2nd Place #1916  -$300 – Rees

3rd Place # 1459 -$100 – Lise Gauthier

4th Place #651 - $50 – Tania Burris

5th Place #1117 - $50 – Amy Carter

6th Place #1676 - $50 – Reid Baxter

7th Place #1673 - $50 – Andy Patrick

8th Place #1777 - $10 – Sarah Rollenhagen

9th Place #249 - $10 – Patrick Boyd

10th Place #670 - $10 – Peter Baer

11th Place #1944 - $10 – Alex Rowe

12th Place #1558 - $10 – Sam Schmidt

13th Place #702 - $10 – Wes Rathke

14th Place #424 - $10 – Susan Reagan

15th Place #445 - $10 – Pam Lein

16th Place #1252 - $10 – Carter Massey

17th Place #502 - $10 – Mark Preist

18th Place #1651 - $10 – Steve Moore

19th Place #1794 - $10 – Sandy Khourg

20th Place #831 - $10 – Bill Bybee

21st Place #1190 - $10  - A.C. Vernoclde

22nd Place #223 - $10 – Merrie Corbett

23rd Place #1442 - $10 – Bud Hierlihy

24th Place #1112 - $10 – Duncan Mouton

25th Place #306 - $10 – Angie Adams

26th Place #560 - $10 – Dick Garcia

27th Place #1903 - $10 – Abby Berg

Last Place – #67 – Plaque-  Judy Rossman

2016 Rubber Ducky Presenting Sponsor

2016 Rubber Ducky Sponsor

Announcing the 2016 Presenting Sponsor

4Front Credit Union

515 E. Cayuga
Bellaire, MI 49615
(800) 765-0110


The Story of 4Front Credit Union

4Front Credit Union is a member-owned financial cooperative serving more than 64,000 members across the state of Michigan. We grew from the combined resources of two institutions steeped in member advocacy and locally focused service and when presented an opportunity to generate more value for a single membership without sacrificing our member-centric core philosophies, being better together simply made sense.

We’re pleased to introduce you to 4Front Credit Union, the result of two strong, successful credit unions realizing that together, we can be even better.

The Good...

Members Credit Union opened its doors as Governmental Employees Credit Union in 1954 to families in Traverse City and its surrounding communities. Three years later, Bay Winds Federal Credit Union was founded in Charlevoix as Saint Mary's Catholic Credit Union. Both institutions have faithfully served our northern Michigan neighbors for nearly sixty years.  When the volunteer boards of directors of Members Credit Union and Bay Winds Federal Credit Union announced their collective desire to partner, some expressed initial concern largely based upon the results of traditional bank mergers.  But our original institutions weren't banks and we're not terribly traditional, either. Sure, we love baseball, Mom, and apple pie, but we're financial problem solvers and the status quo will never be good enough for us or our membership. As independent institutions, we consistently sought avenues to help our members succeed, to create enhanced value for those who trusted us with their financial well-being. And we were pretty well successful at it, too.  However, there was always something missing. We could offer good products, good connectivity, good member access. We were "good" at what we did. But resources, or technological capabilities, or some other limitation would always leave us settling for "good" and unable to take the next step for our members.

...the Bold...

So imagine the delight our institutions' leadership teams experienced when they each stumbled upon the kindred spirit separated by less than 50 miles of US 31. Shared dissatisfaction with "good" turned into "maybe there's something here" which morphed into "we'd be silly not to do this." So lo and behold, following an overwhelming October 2014 vote of support from the Bay Winds membership, 4Front Credit Union became a reality, opening its doors as a single institution on January 2, 2015. There's more to leaving "good" behind and aspiring to be great than simply changing signs and launching a new website, though. We've still got plenty of work in front of us. Joining two successful institutions might seem easy, but it's been a tough row to hoe and will continue to be for a little while longer. But we're up to the challenge. We'll get there soon, but until then, our terrific team of passionate problem-solvers stands ready to do whatever we can to turn that "good" into "great."

...and the Awesome

As a 4Front member you’ll enjoy the same time-saving account management tools offered by national banks, but with one significant difference – our unwavering commitment to creating the same personal connections we've sought with our members for the past 60 years. We’ll never forget who we are, but more importantly, we’ll never forget who YOU are. Your financial well-being is at the heart of our pledge to you, and while plenty of financial institutions make promises, we follow through by ensuring our members enjoy some of the lowest rates on loans and the highest rates on deposits they can find. We pair these great rates with minimal service fees, rewarding our members for doing right by their fellow members. Our mission isn’t to make money for shareholders at your expense; it’s to do everything we can to ensure the financial needs of our members are met and their expectations exceeded. That's not good, that's great!

Now that you know about us, we'd love to learn more about you! Become a member and reach your personal financial goals faster with our tailored suite of financial solutions, while enjoying lower loan rates, low or no service fees, and higher returns on your deposits. Membership is available to anyone living, working, worshipping, or doing business within any of Michigan's 83 counties. And, once you're a member, your spouse, children, siblings, and parents can join, no matter where they live!

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Supporting Sponsors

Hawk's Eye Golf Resort - Hawk's Eye is an 18-hole championship course located in beautiful northern Michigan. Designed by John Robinson who was recently named to the top 50 golf course architects in the U.S., the course meanders along windswept hills and into tree lined valleys with glorious panoramic views.

Opened in 2004 the course continues to impress golfers of all levels. The seasoned player will find the course challenging yet the beginner will find the huge fairways and greens forgiving.

"Voted Top 5 in Michigan" - Michigan Golf
"Best Places to Play" - Golf Digest

Tee Times - 800.256.4698  |  Packages 866-314-3250

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